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I don't have any time for any of your blah, blah blah blah.

blah, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.



My name is Ellyn and Im a tv/movies junkie. I love to listen to music, ill listen to pretty much anything but country. I like to go out and party it up with my friends. I am a go with the flow, up for anything kind of girl. I am addicted to making graphics.
This journal is semi friendly. All graphic posts are public and my RL rants are friends only. If you like to friend me leave me a comment here I wont add you back with a comment.


Photoshop. Music. Movies. Books. Astrology. Dreams. Coffee. Card Making. Johnny Depp. The Sims 3. Tattoos. Supernatural. Jensen Ackles. Jared Padalecki.

Television Big Love. Bones. Castle. Charmed. Criminal Minds. Dark Angel. Dark Blue. Desperate Housewives. Dexter. Dollhouse. Entourage. FlashForward. Friends. Gossip Girl. How I Met Your Mother. Leverage. Lost. Merlin. NCIS L.A. Rescue Me. Roswell. Scrubs. Sex And The City. Supernatural. Weeds. That 70's Show. The Big Bang Theory. The Simpsons. The Sopranos. The Tudors. True Blood.

Movies 10 Things I Hate About You. Blow. Cheech & Chong. Cruel Intentions. Dazed & Confused. Pulp Fiction. Scarface. Godfather. Goodfellas. Casino. The Departed. Fight Club. Half Baked. Wedding Crashers. Old School. Hustle & Flow. Four Brothers. Once Upon a time in Mexico. Fear and Loathing Las Vegas. Honey. Momento. Jackie Brown. The Big Lebowski. The Transporter. The Italian Job. American Gangster. Brokedown Palace. The Craft. Plus lots and lots more

Books Stephen King. Jackie Collins. John Grisham. Anne Rice. Julie Garwood. John Saul. Mario Puzo. Nora Roberts. Charlaine Harris. Chuck Palahniuk.

Music Alicia Keys. Rihanna. Snoop Dogg. Bob Marley. Paramore. Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Kate Voegele. Kanye West. Beyonce. The White Stripes. Johnny Cash. Bob Dylan. Jimi Hendrix. T.I. Trina. Keyshia Cole. Ciara. Missy Elliot. Tom Petty. B.I.G. Neyo. Justin Timberlake. Dr. Dre. India Arie.

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